Wanna hear an awful story? Two days ago I accidentally deleted my wii’s My Pokemon Ranch save data! I have now lost over 2 years worth of work- more than 500 Pokemon. On the other hand, the Pokemon I actually still like and use are on my game’s cartridge and the Pokedex still has everything i’ve ever owned.

In other news, FACEBOOK GO FAN IT IF YOU HAVEN’T http://www.facebook.com/pages/Medley-Soup/141846479174103?ref=ts

And in other other news, I’m hopefully going to attend Webcomic’s Weekend this year! Not as a super-important awesome person, of course, but as a simple attendee who will be fangirling over Jeph Jacques and so many other wonderful peoples.
I say “hopefully attend” because for some reason the transaction hasn’t gone through yet, so I dunno if I’ll actually get a ticket, and they’re apparently selling out. Weird.

And in other other OTHER news, Hello my 2 new smackjeeves fans! I now have 10 of you guys. You guys are awesome and make me feel loved.