Matt, your face is wonderful and fun to draw, never stop being that way.

So I guess I should warn you guys that I’m going to Japan this Friday. I’ll be there for two weeks or so, and I’ll be super busy being all tourist-y and speaking all kinds of Japanese Languages and probably trying real ramen for the first time. What this means for the comic during those two weeks, I have no idea. There really hasn’t been a set plan, as I’ve been overwhelmed by one thing after another these past few weeks. I might do some hourlies for my time in Japan and post those if you guys are interested, or I could try to get something done on the plane ride (once I’m in Japan I don’t know what kind of time I’ll have for drawing). If anyone wants to and has time to do a guest comic, that would be wonderful and I would totally appreciate it!

In the meantime, see you guys Friday.