Alright, and so the second New England Webcomic’s Weekend is over! And hello to all of you NEWW attendees who received my card and decided to stop by! Thanks for coming!

So yeah, I met a lot of great people, made a complete fool out of myself in front of others, and had a great time throughout. But man, for a con that only ran from 11ish to 5-6ish for two days, I am BEAT. I cannot believe how tired I felt. (Well, Saturday’s tired might have been repercussions from the NEWW pub crawl on Friday, but I don’t think I’m THAT much of a lightweight… right?)

So, that exhaustion, plus the distraction of another photography project due on Tuesday, has lead to me scanning a picture I drew of our intrepid heroes feeling the way I feel right now instead of doing a legit comic. I’m sorry, I really am. After this project is over. And definitely after this semester is over, everything will totally go back to normal. At least until the new semester starts.