Sorry that I got this up late, you guys, I just had to get some sleep before I could work on it anymore.

Also, no comic for Wednesday, I’ve got way too much schoolwork to worry about.

(Edit) As if no Wednesday comic wasn’t bad enough (btw, I think it’s gonna be MF until this semester’s over), it looks like Friday’s comic is going to be late. Stuck in a hotel room with no scanner. Sorry guys. I’ll get it up as soon as possible, which could be Saturday unless the next hotel is more scanner-having.

(EDIT AGAIN) FML you guys- Big ol’ project an no scanner on thursday, and now a midterm tomorrow. I promise promise PROMISE it’ll be up as soon as possible tomorrow, but I need to, like, not fail. I’m so sorry everyone, I’ll make it up as best as I can. This semester is just killing me rather awful.