Post-Conbust Edit: Conbust knocked me out harder than I thought, so the comic is gonna be up later than usual this morning so I can get some sleep. I’ll write a proper con summary when that happens. In the meantime, hello to everyone from Conbust! We shall resume the original blog post starting now.

-Ok, I’m realizing this isn’t working out so I’m gonna announce a couple of things here, good news and bad news.

The good news is that last thursday’s and today’s pages are in fact previews of a Medley Soup book I’m working on putting together! As you can see, it’s a retelling of the first chapter, and I’m rather proud of how it’s turning out. It’s definitely interesting to see how much my art style and the comic has changed since the beginning. The book should be finished and printed on time for Anime Boston.

The bad news is that until I get the artwork completed for this book, I’m going to have to reduce my update schedule to one comic a week on Mondays. I’ll try to get progess shots or fun behind the scenes stuff up on Thursdays so you still have something fun to look at. This shouldn’t take more than a couple more weeks so this won’t last long.

Convention Schedule 2013:

Conbust March 29-31, Northampton MA

Anime Boston May 24-26, Boston MA