(EDIT) Hello to everyone I met at Anime Boston! I need to update information and stuff on this site and get crap organized (and friggin’ get someone to build a real site so I don’t have to have this up on smackjeeves for too long) so like if you want to contact me, my name on deviantArt is Alcnolien, since I assume that most/all people I’ve spoken to probably have one in one form or another. Yeah.

Crap I have a lot of homework, wish me luck for getting the comic up on time tonight.

(original)Woooooot Comic’d! Hope everyone had a great April Fools day and didn’t do really dumb things like I did!

As I said on Monday, I am going to Anime Boston. For sure I am going. Definitely. Don’t exactly have a table because I am not “cool” and don’t have “money” or “time to make prints,” but I am in fact “going to be dressed up as the Red Scout from TF2 on Saturday” and possibly “Fem. Captain Hammer if I’m Lucky”. I “like to use quotations on things.”

Because of the distractions that Anime Boston and… uh, homework will cause, comic may be late again on Monday. Do not despair, though!