Announcement: Alright, so the updated site won’t let me upload new pages for some reason, so we won’t be having anymore sketchgivings this week, given that my beautiful and talented webmistress and I are both enjoying the holiday with our family’s and whatnot. You all have a great holiday weekend, and hopefully we’ll see you on Monday!

More Announcement: Comic will be up Monday Evening, sorry for the delay.

Original post: Alright, so you might have noticed some changes to the site. Our lovely and talented webmistress Faith has pretty much spent the last few days working on redoing the site to see if using a fresh copy of WordPress will help stop these internal server errors from happening. We’re still working on getting a few assets back but it looks like all the comics archives are intact. If any of you get any server errors or problems loading the site on your end, please let us know in the comments section.

As for today’s Sketchgiving, we’ve been talking about some minor redesigns to the site, and I’ve been wanting to try out a new banner at the top. Above is a concept sketch plus whatever little doodles I did in the margins for alternatives. What do you think?